In Bloom

Hi, I’m new here. Experienced in sewing, but new to writing about it.

I started sewing in my parent’s basement at age 10, after years of watching my mom sew skating and ballet costumes for my sister and me. After making my first pair of pajama pants, I was hooked. The flannelette fabric had cartoon pigs dancing across it and the tie around my waist was a heavy upholstery cording. I like to think my taste has become more refined but my passion remains the same.

By grade 8, I made my graduation dress and to this day, that still remains high on my list of “most proud of” moments. My dad graciously gave up his home office so I could have my own sewing room and my mom taught me everything she knew. I learned a lot by trial and error as I experimented from scratch and by “Frankenstein-ing” patterns to make them my own. After I graduated high school, I studied fashion design at Fanshawe College which improved my patternmaking and sewing in leaps and bounds.

I moved to Toronto and started alterations as a freelance job on the side. Despite living in a 300 square foot bachelor apartment, the sewing machine was high priority—I opted for a sewing desk instead of a kitchen table and I always kept my closet door open to hide my towering fabric stash behind it. As my “side hustle” has evolved, I now have more to share (and more space to work in).

The name Bloom comes from the idea to bloom where you are planted; every situation we find ourselves in is an opportunity. To align with this, each pattern is named after a street that has meant something to me—the good, the bad, and the ugly have all brought me to where I am now.

Bloom Pattern Studio aims to provide sewing patterns for garments that are fashion-forward, without being complicated and tedious to create. Each style blends classic and modern elements, to result in a wardrobe staple with a long lifespan. The fit is tested and re-tested and tediously re-tested until reaching that inexpressible but undeniable state of “just right”. Despite all efforts, best fit is subjective so check out our detailed instructions on how to modify the patterns and blend sizes for your own best fit.

It feels like just yesterday I was sewing in my parent’s basement, and I am incredibly excited to be launching Bloom…
and to be out of the basement.